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Case Study: Advocate Claims Helps Boca Raton Residents File Insurance Claims

If you’re struggling with a homeowners’ insurance claim in Boca Raton and are seeking a solution outside of your insurance company, perhaps you’re wondering if a public adjuster is truly your best option. Are these professionals really what they’re cracked up to be? Are the results really that good? Or will you just be shelling out more money for a service that cannot get you where you need to be?

We know the difficulties you’ve been having with your insurance provider. We’ve seen it through the eyes of our clients, and thousands of homeowners have had the same struggles with their Florida insurance companies. The claims process is slow, cumbersome and seldom involves your input, even for the estimate of the needed repairs. Not only that, but you are left in the dark throughout the process until you receive an often-undervalued claim award at the end.

Public insurance adjusters know the pains of this process, as well as the policies that make it so long and difficult. We use this to help our clients by cutting through the cumbersome areas and getting directly involved in the claims adjustment process, working diligently on behalf of our clients.

We could talk all day about the lengths we go to for our clients, but many of them have been so happy with our services that they can speak for themselves. For example, south Florida resident Doug Kroger said, “Thanks to Advocate Claims, we quadrupled the original insurance settlement!” Although it’s always best to seek the guidance of a public adjuster early on in the process, we can help continue the fight even if you’ve already filed your insurance claim.

You can also expect outstanding service from your public adjuster, as was the case with Rafael Victor Best. “Steve [from Advocate Claims] took care of my claim personally and we are extremely satisfied with the time and service he has provided,” said Best. “He more than doubled the amount my insurance adjuster got for us!”

Ready to give up because of the time it’s taking to get through your claim? A public adjuster can get things moving faster and make sure you’re well informed the whole way through. “Your extensive knowledge in the area of insurance claims helped us get a very workable settlement,” said Sharon Lennett. “Thank you for being so patient and explaining everything so well. We can now fix up our condo. We expected this to drag on for a long time, but thanks to you, it didn’t.”

Our customers have been recommended to us for a reason. If you have become fed up with your insurance company in south Florida or are unsure if you will get a fair settlement, consult with a public adjuster.

We proudly serve individuals and families in Boca Raton, Florida.
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