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Scoping Loss and the Need for Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach

One of the most important components of the South Florida insurance claims process is the point at which a claims adjuster determines the scope of loss. This step involves both the insurance company and the insured party agreeing on the extent of coverage the insured has, as well as the extent of the damage, after a walkthrough. Throughout this process, the claims adjuster plays a pivotal role as the primary point of contact between the two parties, and is the source of the estimate.

Unfortunately, scoping loss can be an ambiguous process, and Palm Beach claims adjusters have the advantage of determining how costly the damage officially is. Although they should be the more experienced professional and therefore an authority on the subject, they are often less than helpful and view home damage from a limited perspective. Because they see the property in terms of damage rather than repairs, their estimates are often biased and flawed. What’s more, they often do not put together a proper and agreed-upon scope of loss at the start of the process.

Where does the insured stand?

If your home has been damaged and you’re looking to file a homeowners’ insurance claim in South Florida, you need to be fairly well versed on your policy and the cost of repairs for your home. The claims adjuster might try to create an estimate of the damage that is not mutually agreed upon — and let you and your family suffer as a result. If you’re not careful, you could be severely undercut when it comes to compensation.

If you are unsure of the extent of damage or don’t have the time or resources to get a second opinion from a contractor, a Palm Beach County public adjuster can help. These professionals are highly experienced and know the insurance industry well, so they can perform an independent walkthrough of your damaged home. And while the insurance claims adjuster will likely gloss over broad areas, a public adjuster will be more detailed and push for a fair level of compensation.

What if the claims adjuster already did the walkthrough?

There is still hope. If the claims adjuster already gave you a scope of loss, a public adjuster can still come in afterward and argue for a higher compensation rate. Even if the scope of loss was mutually agreed upon, it doesn’t mean that the quote for repairs from the claims adjuster was reasonable. A public adjuster assesses the true value of the scope of loss and determines what it will really cost to repair the damage to your Palm Beach County home.

When an insurance company performs a scoping loss, it does not necessarily mean you’re getting a comprehensive quote for the damages and necessary repairs. Get a third-party opinion with a South Florida public adjuster.

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