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50% chance of a hurricane hitting the Florida coast in 2013. After the Storm – Now What?

Are you bracing for hurricane season or cleaning up after water damage to your home or business? Here’s your first storm warning: After the storm, then comes the battle with your insurance company!

Hurricane season is from June 1-November 30th!

florida hurricane seasonApproximately 5 hurricanes strike the coastline of the US every 3 years! Out of these predicted storms, almost half will be expected to be category 3 or higher.

Florida’s local news, as well as FEMA, are both predicting 2013 to be an active hurricane season. With forecasts of a 50% chance of a hurricane hitting the Florida coast, now is the time to be prepared! Read below to see how you and your family can be ready in case a major hurricane strikes Palm Beach Florida!

If your home or building is damaged from the storm, now what?

  1. hurricane damageTake photos of the damage before you touch anything, move anything, or clean up anything. This is the proof of the damage. You will need this as “evidence”, so be sure not to throw anything away. Don’t remove the damage until you get your adjuster’s estimate of damages!
  2. Make only temporary, emergency repairs, such as boarding up broken windows, cleaning up water on the floor, or adding protective covering over your roof. Don’t start renovation projects until you have a full and complete written settlement.
  3. Keep samples of the carpet and flooring as proof of the material. If you have to throw away carpets or flooring, be sure to cut samples from them before they are thrown out.
  4. Don’t rush the insurance claim process. If your insurance representative only stayed an hour and made a small sheet of notes before he left your home, I would advise you to ask for a second opinion! Call Advocate Claims to have it reviewed. Don’t leave your entire home in the hands of one person’s opinion!
Call and get a free second opinion of your insurance claim before you settle on a low amount that won’t repair all the damages.

Don’t be a victim twice! Storm or hurricane Recovery can be so much easier to handle if you let Advocate Claims Public Adjusters advise you through the process! Let us handle your hurricane or water damage claim and help you through the insurance red tape. We know how to read the fine print! We negotiate the claim and get you what you deserve!

Advocate Claims will demand that you get what you are entitled to. Don’t settle for less!

Call 561-962-0065 in Palm Beach County or surrounding areas, and you’ll be thanking us too!

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