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Boynton Beach Water Damage Insurance Claim

Boynton Beach Water Damage Insurance Claim – Happy Couple gets Proper Settlement

A senior couple in Boynton Beach just wanted their home repaired after they reported a water damage insurance claim. The Florida Insurance Company had sent out their preferred vendor to dry out the water from the couple’s home, and they had sent out their kitchen repair company to present a repair bid to the insurance…

Palm Beach Roof Insurance Claim Denied

Palm Beach, Florida: Has your Hurricane Irma Roof Insurance Claim been Denied?

Disputing a Roof Damage Insurance Claim Denial or Settlement Offer Now Handling Hurricane Irma Roof Insurance Claims Attention Palm Beach home and business owners: have you suffered roof damage from Hurricane Irma? Has your insurance company lowballed or denied your claim? If so, our Hurricane Insurance Public Adjuster, may be able to help. If you…

The Insurance Company’s Adjuster Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, Never to be Seen Again

Your insurance company’s main goal is to earn money on your premiums. Too often this means skimping on how they provide claim services to their policyholders. When something unforeseen happens to your home, business, or building and you are facing major property damages, you want to communicate directly to the people that take your monthly…

Prevent Christmas Tree Fires in Palm Beach

Public Adjuster Tips to Protect Your Property Remember This Christmas U.S. fire departments respond to an estimated 210 home structure fires that begin with Christmas trees each year. Home Christmas tree fires cause an average of seven deaths, 19 injuries and $17.5 million in property damage annually. ~ NFPA Data Snapshot (2009-2013) While Christmas trees are a traditional…

Palm Beach Insurance Adjuster Tips to Prevent Halloween Vandalism

October is the National Crime Prevention Month, and rightly so as Halloween often brings more tricks than treats in a high volume of property damage claims for vandalism-theft occurrence in Palm Beach, Florida. While the cleanup from mischievous tricksters who use this night to egg and toilet paper the homes of their neighbors can be…