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Gain Better Claims Settlement with a Winning Florida Public Insurance Adjuster

You saw it during March Madness. Teams won because of their offense, not their defense.

And maybe you’ve had this experience too. Filing an insurance claim and feeling like you’re immediately on defense. The insurance company you’re dealing with has the home court advantage. They know all the rules…the tricks…and you’re like the benchwarmer suddenly thrown on the court with all the starters.

But you don’t have to be.

Advocate Claims is a Florida Public Adjuster handling Insurance Claims in Palm Beach County, that evens up the score. We’re former insiders so we know the rules too…the tricks and all the other moves in the insurance industry.

We work as your insurance property claims advocate to process claims on your behalf…and help protect your largest asset.

In other words, we switch you from defense to offense by maximizing your insurance claim.

Property Insurance Claim

Of course, just like basketball teams, not all Public Adjusters are equal. See how we rank in the standings by checking some of our testimonials.

Advocate Public Adjusters of Florida—Your Insurance Claims Offense Specialist

It’s our industry experience that makes the difference. As former insurance insiders with many years as claim adjusters, we know all the insurance claim trade secrets. In other words…

We know what they know…And they don’t want you to know!

Technology that Expedites your Insurance Claim

Filing insurance claims involves processing multiple forms. And we have the software that makes it smooth and efficient. We also have other special technology that helps document your claim and prove your loss—like thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters.   

Seasoned Insurance Claims Advice for Informed Decisions

The average homeowner and business owner will only have about 4 claims in a lifetime.  We’ve handled thousands of them.

The insurance company you deal with has their expert advocates. Let us be yours.

It’s not about leveling the playing field. It’s about giving you the decided advantage.

Achieving Satisfying Results

There are rules about the handling of your home or business insurance claim. Rules that carriers will ignore if they can. We know those rules and make sure they’re not ignored. And we push to settle those claims on your behalf. It may often take longer than you want, which is why we always advise for patience. 

Receive a Higher Insurance Claims Award

Think hiring a Public Adjuster will cut down on the amount of money you receive? Not likely.

A recent OPAGGA (Office of Program and Policy Analysis & Government Accountability) study in the State of Florida revealed that public adjusters negotiate up to a 747% larger financial settlement for commercial business and homeowner insurance property loss claims, than the insurance company was planning to pay.

You don’t lose money by hiring us. You gain it.

A Successful Insurance Claims Case Study

We recently handled a fire insurance claim for a homeowner in Palm Beach Gardens.

The insurance company contractor estimated repair costs to the damaged home at $6,000.

We settled the claim for $55,000 for building damages to restore the home and another $25,000 in personal property damage.

Check out the testimonial section on our website to read many other stories from our satisfied customers. And if you’re frustrated by a lack of response from your insurance company or a low ball settlement claim call us at 561-962-0065.

Because, as you know, a good defense starts with a good offense.

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