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Get Help with Your Palm Beach Insurance Claim!

Are you about to file an insurance claim in Palm Beach County for damage to your residential or commercial property?

Read this important information before you contact your insurance company!

Consider a consultation with a public insurance adjuster, before filing an insurance claim with your insurance company. Public adjusters work directly with you, and completely on your behalf, when it’s time for you to make a claim with your property insurance company. Clients that work with public adjusters, know that this saves them lots of time and frustration, from dealing with the insurance company.

Insurance Claim Palm BeachInsider Knowledge: You need to know that a claims adjuster and an independent insurance adjuster work for the insurance company, even if it is “indirectly”, they must answer to the person that gives them their paycheck! If the insurance company sends them out to your home, then they aren’t truly independent! That’s only partly true. You want someone to represent you that TRULY works for you, and NOT your insurance company “on the side” as a contract employee.

Public Insurance AdjusterWho Really Works For You? A public insurance adjuster works completely for you. There is a major distinction between “independent adjusters” and public insurance adjusters. When you work with a public insurance adjuster, you enlist their experience and expertise for YOUR benefit! By using a public adjuster, you can know that your best interest was always in line with theirs.

Who Is The Most Qualified? When you think about it for a moment, you have to admit that you are probably unqualified to advocate on your own behalf, when you need to make an insurance claim. Your insurance company is happy about this! They know that most people are very inexperienced, that’s why they’re happy to work with you. You won’t know how to get a fair and proper settlement from them that will actually repair the damage to your property.

Call An Experienced Public Adjuster: Advocate Claims! Whether it’s a residential or commercial insurance claim, we can help you maximize your settlement! We are am qualified and experienced to document your claim, perform estimates for the proper type of repairs, negotiate on your behalf, and make sure your insurance company pays! Most clients often see thousands of dollars more than they were offered initially, from their insurance company.

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