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Car Hits House Insurance Claim

Neighbor’s Car Goes Through Elderly Mom’s Wall in Century Village, West Palm Beach, FL

After a neighbor’s car went through the wall of her Mom’s condominium in Century Village, West Palm Beach, FL. – Mom, with the help of her care giver, were trying to get their insurance claim settled with the insurance company that represented the neighbor’s automobile insurance company.

Five months after their claim was reported they had not received one penny from the automobile insurance company.

The daughter, who lives out of town, found my web site on the internet and called me to see if I could help her elderly mother with her property damage insurance claim?

I called her mother to learn the facts about her insurance claim and the damages that her condominium sustained. The car had hit the outside wall so hard that it pushed in the outside wall of the building and pushed all her couches and chairs from one side of her living room to the other.

Her mom was relieved that she was not in her living room at the time of this accident, or she might have been severely injured. Mom is ninety years old and any injury could be life threatening.

Her mother had homeowner’s insurance that would cover these damages. So, I explained why it would be better for her to make a claim with her own insurance company, and then let her insurance company get reimbursed from neighbor’s automobile insurance company.

I quickly put her damage estimate together, photographed her loss, and called to discuss the necessary repairs with the contractor hired by her condominium association to repair the exterior wall, windows, and door of the condominium building.

Within three months from the time I got involved in mom’s claim, I was able to reach an agreed settlement for both her dwelling and personal property damages. Both mom and her daughter were very happy and satisfied with their insurance settlement.

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