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Palm Beach Insurance Adjuster Tips to Prevent Halloween Vandalism

Prevent Vandalism in Palm Beach October is the National Crime Prevention Month, and rightly so as Halloween often brings more tricks than treats in a high volume of property damage claims for vandalism-theft occurrence in Palm Beach, Florida. While the cleanup from mischievous tricksters who use this night to egg and toilet paper the homes of their neighbors can be stressful and un-enjoyable to clean up, there are also many other vandalism occurrences that are costly as well. Your odds for experiencing unwelcome graffiti on your garage door, broken windows, a smashed mailbox and even theft also increase on October 31 each year.

Advocate Claims Public Adjusters is suggesting the five tips to keep you and your property safe this Halloween.

1. Keep your property well lit – inside and out!

Many homeowners turn off their porch lights as well as interior and exterior lights when they don’t wish to participate in the annual Halloween trick-or-treating routine. Most crimes are committed under the guise of darkness. Even if you leave your porch light off, make sure your property itself is well-lit to deter vandals.

2. Park your car inside your garage and away from trick-or-treat traffic

Vandals often cruise by looking for easy targets. Your car is the easiest target for an egging. Take it out of the equation and make sure it’s not vulnerable to passers-by.

3. Keep all of your doors and windows, front and back, securely locked at all times

Burglars often sneak into homes through the unlocked back door or side window, while homeowners are busy handing out candy in the front. Be sure your home is tightly sealed up.

4. Hand out candy from the end of your driveway instead of your front door

You can keep a closer watch over trick or treaters from the street and keep their focus off your home.

5. Keep your home well-lit, inside and out!

Even after the Halloween festivities are over and trick-or-treaters have gone home for the night, your property remains vulnerable to the late-night older crowd and more serious vandals. It’s recommended you leave your lights on to continue to serve as a deterrent. Vandals and burglars are more likely to target a dark home on Halloween night in particular.

While your homeowner policies typically cover acts of vandalism and losses from theft, insurance companies may not agree that your damage was caused by vandalism or they undervalue your damages. If you are the victim of vandalism or theft this Halloween, call Steven Venook at Advocate Claims Public Adjusters at 561-962-0065.

“I’ll provide you with a free consultation and help you determine whether or not filing an insurance claim is in your best interest, and help you manage your insurance claim to properly restore your property.” – Steven David Venook