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Palm Beach Public Adjuster in Boca Raton is On Your Side!

A public adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster who can be hired by policy holders to help them through the lengthy process of filing an insurance claim. One of the main reasons that people hire a public adjuster, is because a public adjuster works for them, not the insurance company.

A public adjuster is a very qualified professional with many years of experience in handling insurance claims. In most cases, private adjusters once worked for the insurance companies, so they have the same education and training to process insurance claims. A private adjuster will also have a lot of claim experience, and this can be used to your advantage.

The biggest advantage that you have when you hire a public adjuster is that this person is chosen to represent you and your case! As a private adjuster, they do not have to protect the profits and losses of the insurance company, because they work solely for the policyholder- and that is you!

The Duties of a Public Adjuster Are:

  • To determine what damage is applicable and covered, as it relates to the policy terms.
  • To evaluate the policy holder’s insurance coverage that corresponds with the damage.
  • To do meticulous research and make reports of the damage.
  • To present the damage in an itemized way, within the insurance terms and language.
  • To determine the value of all of the personal and property loss, taking as much time as is required to survey all damages.
  • To negotiate a proper and full settlement with the insurance company for the policy holder.

“One of the main reasons that many people hire a public adjuster of their own is because of the simple fact that the public adjuster is working for them, not the insurance company.”

If you choose NOT to hire your own private adjuster, you can always use who the insurance company sends over, and whatever adjuster they assign to your claim. This adjuster will not have a vested interest in your claim, and will have a large case load to manage from the insurance company that they work for.

A public claims adjuster will take more time, go to more effort, do more research and invest hours of calculations, to arrive at a very precise claim amount. It’s no surprise that a public adjuster’s figure of the damages will be much higher than the insurance company adjuster!

If you want to rebuild your home and make it as good as new, or better, use a public adjuster! Call Advocate Claims at 561-962-0065 for a no obligation consultation in all cities of Palm Beach county and surrounding areas.