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Palm Beach Public Adjusters: Your Commercial Property Damage Detectives

Florida Condominium Insurance Claims Many commercial properties in Palm Beach County experience damage from storms, floods, vandalism, roof leaks and plumbing problems, and owners need to protect their properties and investments through sound insurance policies.

However, insurance companies don’t always have your best interests at heart, and you don’t want mass repairs to fall under an umbrella award. Worse yet, you definitely don’t want a minimal amount of compensation that only scratches the surface of the repairs your property really needs.

In these situations, many commercial property owners turn to public adjusters, who help them work with insurance companies to secure fair claims. These professionals are well versed in insurance policies, laws and regulations, using their knowledge to perform independent investigations and thoroughly examine your damage and claim.

With the help of public adjusters in the West Palm Beach area, property owners rest a little easier knowing that the full extent of the damage done to their properties will be rightfully covered under their insurance policies. This was the case with John Ellis, president of the Paradise Gardens Condominium Association.

“The difference between the insurance adjuster sent by State Farm and a public adjuster is like day and night,” Ellis says. “The insurance company’s representative seemed to be in the dark, while Advocate Claims came in and shed light on the reality of our situation.”

After Hurricane Wilma caused a great deal of damage to the property, Steven Venook from Advocate Claims helped the association with its claim.

“Steven (from Advocate Claims) went beyond the obvious damage to our roofs, fascia board, fences and the shuffle board facility,” Ellis says. “He worked like a detective and found extensive water intrusion damage overlooked by the insurance company.”

This is a great example of what a public adjuster can do for you, going beyond assessing your damage to actually work in conjunction with condo boards of directors to fight for the best interests of the property and its residents. These professionals can offer estimates on repairs and challenge insurers with a due process claim to combat any “low-ball” estimates.

The time immediately following a storm, natural disaster or other type of damage to your commercial property is crucial, and you need to make sure you get what you need from your insurance provider. If you have any doubts, we encourage you to speak with a public adjuster right away for a helping hand through this sometimes-complex process.

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