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Advocate Claims is your best source to get the coverage you deserve. I am a very busy person and I already accepted the little check I received from my insurance. But when they dishonored the check (bounced), I called Advocate and they reopened the claim and got me 3 times more money. Thank you Advocate Claims.
BAA, Florida.

"The Federated National Insurance Company adjuster under-measured my screen enclosure by 1000 square feet and paid me below market rates for the repair. Either their adjuster did not know what he was doing or perhaps they did it on purpose!  Thank you for reopening my insurance claim and getting double what they initially offered."
Vern B., Wellington, Palm Beach, Florida

"As a licensed insurance restoration general contractor I knew that Federated National Insurance Company was not treating me fairly. You did everything possible to cooperate with my insurance company to settle my insurance claim. You told me that mediation was a big joke but you sat with me during the mediation. I guess you were right! I was forced to hire an attorney to resolve my insurance claim. I will continue to refer all my insurance customers to you."
Paul P., Loxahatchee, Florida

“You were a great help for my food and Hurricane Charlie insurance claims. Citizens Insurance Corporation was neither fair nor prompt in the handling of my insurance claim. You discovered much more damage and documented the damage along with my engineer. Your efforts as my appraiser more than paid off. ”
Ted D., Vero Beach, Florida

"On behalf of our community and board of directors I want to thank you for your professional services. Despite the cantankerous members on the board, you persevered in our behalf for over three years assisting us in our State Farm Hurricane Wilma Insurance claim. State Farm initially offered us 800k and you succeeded in getting us 2.7 million, our association is in much better financial condition because of your work.

During our long road to recovery we had also hired three legal firms to represent us. Unlike the attorneys’ fees, your fees were totally cost effective!  More importantly your advice was the only advice that was consistently in the best interests of our community. As we approach 2012, we are still trying to get monies from State Farm Insurance Company. Without the 1,100 pages of documentation that you maintained, we would have had no chance in this endeavor."
Thomas Villanueva, President
Garden Owners Home Owners Association

Boca Raton, Florida

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